Keenon won the “2020 Special Contribution Award for Epidemic Prevention Robots”

Recently, the Chinese second annual robot industry meeting and Leaderobot robotics award ceremony were successfully held in Nanjing with “robot industry annual review outlook, promoting industrial innovation, cooperation and integration” as its theme.And a group of nearly 300 well-known scholars, business leaders and investors gathered together to discuss scientific and technological innovation and industrial development in the Leaderobot industry were held in Nanjing recently. As an active scientific and technological aid of “no contact” distribution robot in the epidemic situation,Keenon Robotics won the “2020 Special Contribution Award for Chinese Epidemic Prevention Robots”.

Keenon won the "2020 Special Contribution Award for Epidemic Prevention Robots"

According to the report, the series of Leaderobot2020 Chinese Robotics Industry Award especially selected the 2020 Industry contribution Award, commending the organizations and institutions that have made services and contributions to the industry and the excellent anti-epidemic team. Among them, the Keenon Robotics participated for “science and technology anti-epidemic” in the first time, delivered meals and drugs in the quarantine area and non-area with “no contact” delivery robot, reduced the risk of cross-infection, and helped hundreds of hospitals and isolation points in more than 10 provinces and cities to make outstanding contributions. Finally, he won the “2020 Industry contribution Award, the Anti-epidemic Robot Special contribution Award “.

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic,Keenon gathered urgently on the first day of the New year, using years of AI technology and service experience in the field of commercial service robots. In a short day, the “epidemic prevention distribution robot” and “Non-contact delivery” services were provided to the Party School of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee in order to reduce the possibility of infection, the work intensity of staffs,the loss of medical protective clothing and other materials.Keenon Robotics,due to the consideration of the “resumption of work” coming after the Spring Festival in the catering industry.On the one hand, the company joined forces with the APP-Meituan and the association for lunch to land a “no-contact restaurant “. On the other hand,it launched the” intelligent killing robot “quickly to help curb the spread of the epidemic and make great contributions to the prevention and controlling of the epidemic.